Thursday, September 25, 2014


Here is a drawing for a painting of an army of frogs convening in the woods on a moonless night. Viewers will have to peer deeply into the varnish to see the details.

Because frogs lend themselves so uncannily to anthropomorphism, and because as Lenny Bruce said on PLAYBOY AFTER HOURS (I'm paraphrasing from memory), "I would never satirize the obvious," it was deemed necessary to keep their actions and expressions as natural as possible within the demands of cartooning; the faces, hands and feet must be expediently expressive, but it can stop there. And so they are not drinking, kissing, dancing, fighting, smoking or doing any of that teddy-bear's picnic stuff. But they are doing something; there is a real event going on here. Up close you hear their breathing and the faint rubbery squeaks made by their jostling hides.

This drawing is 38" x 24", the exact size of a canvas I prepared years ago and am finally ready to use. It has a mirror-like finish. So much sanding! I need a transparent siccative layer to grab the paint and lay the foundation for oceans of oil and varnish. Any suggestions? Don't mention shellac.


Anonymous Nicky Newark said...

On the other hand, you could say that humans are bufomorphic.

5:48 PM  
Blogger Hatcher said...

Hail the Hordes of Kek!

6:26 AM  

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