Monday, May 07, 2007


After much arduous toil in life's rich laboratory Brad Keech of Pressure Printing has succeeded in creating a heart-meltingly beautiful new print of my drawing THE PENSIONER, now available in a limited edition of 50.

Unlike computer-generated gyclée reproductions, which are composed of infinitesimal spatters of electronically tortured dyes arranged on plasticised papers, this intaglio impression is printed on antique machinery using oil-based printer's ink on luxuriously thick hand-made 100% cotton rag paper paper created specially for this purpose. Every grain of charcoal is reproduced with perfect fidelity, resulting in a print with warmth, depth and uniformity of chroma obtainable no other way. Find out more about these and other Pressure Printing triumphs, including the new SQUEAKER IN THE WOODS copperplate print here.

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Blogger Aeron said...

Beautiful print, Jim. Your charcoal drawings translate very well into lithography. Have you ever experimented with stone lithography? Drawing on a stone that you've just spent 20 minutes grinding down with a levigator is a unique experience. The grinding puts you into a near trance like state so when you start drawing, well it feels a bit strange.

8:33 PM  
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