Monday, October 06, 2008


No point to this one that I can see, other than the appallingly obvious.


Blogger Herr Gilke said...

Can't judge a book by it's cover.

12:11 AM  
Blogger Cie Cheesemeister said...

I am a genuine naive fat fool. But I don't think my innards are nearly that interesting!

2:07 AM  
Blogger Jake said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Wooding! Hope it was a happy one!

12:45 PM  
Blogger jn mnsn said...

Thats a cool one!!
a grat impersonalisation of foolishness!!

8:00 AM  
Blogger Pete Prochilo said...

With these entrails I thee wed.

6:04 PM  
Blogger Alex Fellows said...

Hello Jim
I think we've all taken you for granted. You're like a sunset, or those V-bird formations in autumn- a beautiful thing we've come to expect. If you keep spoliing our race with these drawings, we'll all just flop away.

9:29 AM  

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