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From Le Figaro; translated from the French by Babel Fish:

The American-Lebanese singer Mika, who was a considerable success in 2007 with his first album, " Life in Motion" Cartoon; , the exit d' announced; a deliver-disc at the end of May, followed d' a series in acoustic concerts then d' a new album in September. The deliver-disc " Songs for Sorrow" (" Songs for the tristesse") is put on sale in prereservation on the site and will be available from May 24. It contains four new songs, " Toy Boy" , " Lonely Alcoholic" , " Blue Eyes" and " Jane" lady;. " They were inspired by the side sinks of l' universe of the fairy tales, which me fascine" , explained Mika, in the Parisian buildings of its recording company, Universal. These songs are put in images by eighteen illustrators that the 25 year old singer contacted. Among them, great names of the Anglo-Saxon data base, like l' American Jim Woodring or l' English David McKee, the British Peter Blake, who had realized in 1967 the mythical small pocket of l' album of Beatles " Sgt. Pepper' S Lonely Hearts Band" Club; , or the designer Alber Elbaz. " This very personal project m' a workspace out of any commercial pressure gave, because it devours all and j' were afraid qu' it harms my créativité" , Mika underlined, which has a perfect command of French almost because he lived in Paris during his childhood, before its s' family; establishes in London.


Blogger - -rxndr! said...

i've already pre-ordered it. i bet it's going to be fantastic.

great artwork+great music= great stuff :p

9:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Magnificent Données of nom of O.N.U of the base of vraiment of JIM Woodring est d'angelsächsichen!

(translated by Babelfish from English to French, then back again, then into German, Korean, Dutch, Portuguese and finally back into English)

5:46 AM  
Blogger kellie said...

My core palpitates at the view of this.

6:28 AM  
Anonymous Christophe Thill ( said...

The Lebanese-American singer Mika, whose 2007 debut album, "Life in Cartoon Motion", was tremendously successful, announced the release of a CD+book package in late May, followed by a series of acoustic concerts, and by a new album in September. The CD/book "Songs for Sorrow" will be made available for preorder on on May 24th. It is comprised of 4 new songs: "Toy Boy", "Lonely Alcoholic", "Blue Eyes" and "Lady Jane".

"They were inspired by the dark side of the universe of the fairytales, which fascinates me", Mika explained in the Paris office of his record company, Universal. These songs were illustrated by 18 artists, contacted by the 25 years old singer. Among them are some great names of the world of English-speaking graphic artists, such as Jim Woodring (USA) and David McKee (UK). Also featured are British artist Peter Blake, who in 1967 designed the famous cover for the Beatles' "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" album, and fashion designer Alber Elbaz.

"This very personel project offered me a working space free from all commercial pressure, because it devours everything and I was afraid it could ruin my creativity", said Mika, who speaks almost perfect French, as he lived in Paris as a child before his family settled down in London.

Sorry for the imperfections!

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