Wednesday, September 01, 2010


But first, this UPDATE! As of 8:45 PST the total amount raised is $3020. With just sixteen hours to go you may think it's a lost cause. But I tell you, there are matching funds waiting in the wings! If only the amount rises to a certain level... not much more...

The nib itself will be a replica of a dip pen; There will be a brass reservoir that will clip onto the underside. The reservoir will be a receptacle, filled with an eyedropper through the hole in the top of the nib, and contain a nested stack of curved plates to hold and slow the flow of the ink, which will be carried in a narrowing, flattening 'v' channel to the underside of the tines. The ink will be concentrated acrylic ink, partially dehydrated for an extra syrupy viscosity.

The pen will have to be kept level until the stroke is ready to be applied. Before the stroke starts the tines will be primed with a brush. The pen will be tilted until the ink flows onto the paper, and then the flow will be controlled by tilting the pen to let more or less ink flow into the line, as determined by the nature of the line desired.


Blogger Elizabeth said...

Jim, I love your brain as much as I love your drawing and artwork!

1:12 AM  
Anonymous howp said...

yeeee ha.
you made it.
with mere hours to go.

7:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A pure expression of love for the American dream. If you can't improve it, don't leave it alone - just make it bigger.

12:37 PM  

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