Friday, August 07, 2015


Your Uncle Jim has a pal who went to Cal Arts in the 70's and, after receiving his education, went around telling everyone there was no such thing as "genius". I don't know where he is today, but me, I'm in the upcoming "GENIUS" show at Seattle's Frye Museum along with dozens of other geniuses. So put that in y' goddam corncob pipe, buster.

GENIUS; 21 CENTURY SEATTLE, FRYE MUSEUM, September 26, 2015, to January 10, 2016.

Just look at that roster of of local talent! And how will JW represent? Suffice to say you will need to put on special glasses to the full looty.

The image below will not be included in the show. It has nothing to do with the show. It's just a little something I was playing around with.


Blogger mizdarlin said...

Your post has given me acid flashbacks ...

7:51 AM  

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