Tuesday, March 11, 2008


The studio execs at Portland radio station KBOO were visibly shaken when Bob Rini and I showed up for our interview with blood on our evening clothes and our knuckles skinned raw from the brawl we had just incited and suppressed at the Snorkel Club, but they were eager to hear our story and didn't let the police in until we had finished. Here is a heavily edited transcript of that interview.


Blogger Karidinay said...

I listened to the radio broadcast and really enjoyed it.

I was a little sorry there wasn't a typed transcript of it. There's plenty in what you said that's worth committing to paper, the easier to commit it to memory.

Your commentary on JESUS AND THE BEAR was truly illuminating. It gave me a whole new view of that painting.

The whole broadcast was intellectually and spiritually envigorating. Thank you very much for all that you said.

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