Saturday, May 20, 2006


Here is the upper left-hand corner of a large charcoal drawing which I am working on in fits and starts in between other work. More sections will be posted as they are completed until the whole thing is up in widely scattered chunks. Won't that be jolly!


Blogger aeron said...

It's great to see the middle stages of your imagery. This is looking like another fantastic addition to your insanely detailed charcoal drawings. Any chance you could take a pic of your working area or studio? I'm curious what kind of set up you have for working on these. Keep up the great work.

5:47 AM  
Anonymous ted mills said...

I love your charcoal drawings--I think they best suit your darkest visions! Brrrr.

9:33 AM  
Anonymous Bob said...

I love the satiny sheen of the many-eyed creature leaning into the doorway. Brilliant use of light and darkness, the chiaroscuro of a fever dream, something you can't shake loose when you awaken sweaty and delerious, the chilling sense you're being watched.

The night has a thousand eyes
And a thousand eyes will see me through
And no matter what I do
I could never disguise all those little white lies
`Cause the night has a thousand eyes

10:25 AM  
Blogger Austin said...

I have little to add here except how welcome (and revealing!) it is to see a work-in-progress. Why it gives me hope that even my meager chops may one day grow up into formidable skills!

11:34 AM  
Anonymous Mark Landman said...

Fascinating to watch the art in progress-

Though I've seen you draw a picture with coconut syrup on a macadamia pancake, I've often wished I could actually watch you render your charcoal drawings and watercolor paintings, kinda like getting a glimpse of the man behind the curtain...

Looking forward to more!

12:24 PM  
Blogger S.G.A said...

I wanted to praise your work here, when it occurred why I like your work so much.
It leaves me with nothing to say.
It transcends all that.

Which is the highest compliment.

I am so glad that your staying afloat doing incredible stuff like this!
I can't wait for the next Seeing things sort of book from J.W

12:31 PM  
Anonymous Patti said...

I'd like to see a picture of your cats. Or a bear.

1:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your charcoal drawings indeed bring a more terrifying, realistic dimension to your vision.
Also, i am learning pottery so i can build minature versions of the houses you draw. Never for profit, of course.
The age of cake is... delicious.

9:32 PM  
Blogger Armless Octopus said...

I can aaready hear the sound those feet make when they slap against eachother. Hollow thwaps of slappiness.

12:15 PM  
Anonymous al said...

how do you do this with charcoal?

How The Fuck do you do this?

3:30 AM  
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