Sunday, May 18, 2008


We don't usually do this sort of thing around here, but the appearance of the great Gerald Jablonski's CRYPTIC WIT #2 must be given a note of attention, as Thelma Toole might say. Jablonski's FARMER NED appeared in the gallery pages of ARCADE in the late 70's, and for all intents and purposes his work hasn't changed a whit since that time; which is to say it is still dense, oblique and more fun than a tobogganload of monkeys. 
    His most famous leit-motif involves Howdy castigating his nephew Dee-Dee for listening to "Poopy" music and discovering through the ensuing conversation that Dee-Dee's teacher is an ant. This has happened in I don't know how many hundreds of Jablonski's comics, but always with different dialog and jokes. Reading them is a powerfully entertaining experience, for reasons I can't begin to explain.
     If this sounds like a connoisseur's treat with limited appeal... well, you know who you are. The price for this full-color slab of cosmic whimsy is a mere $5, so if you send say $7.50 to Mr. Jab at PO Box 385 North Greece NY 14515 I feel certain he'll send you one.